About us

In 2018, Boom Catering started as a service for private and corporate events, a culinary and wonderful experience where unforgettable memories, and dishes, were made. Serving our clients with delightful flavors while delivering top customer experience has always been Boom Catering's top priority. Being a private catering was an incredible journey that has enlightened Valeria and Morabia, the founders, to realize that they had so much more to offer to their beloved customers. The "Boom Sisters" wanted to take their homemade gourmet recipes to everyone at home. With love, effort, and their customers in mind, Casa Boom was born. 
Casa Boom is a new concept created by Chef Valeria Padron in partnership with her sister, Morabia Padron. Two Venezuelan girls whose passion has always been cooking gourmet homemade food to delight and share with family and friends.
Today, Casa Boom is expanding its expertise in culinary techniques, recipes and customer experience to share it with the world. Casa Boom takes a serious commitment to deliver "Only the best from our kitchen to your homes” and as long as their customers are happy and satisfied, they have accomplished their mission.